So, you look great and you spent the summer killing your goals. Now what?

The StudioHop team has compiled some tricks to stay motivated beyond your sizzling-summer-beach-body goals and all the way into your cozy-winter-Jacuzzi-body goals. #GlowUp and #SnowUp, are we right?

1. Make It Fun: here at StudioHop, we believe in yoga pants, being sweaty & sore, and celebrating what our bodies can do. We don’t think of exercise as a punishment, we think of it as a privilege. So, do yourself a favor and choose exercises that you enjoy! Most of our boutique studio partners set their classes to awesome music, hire dynamic instructors, and foster an environment in which class participants can have a great time. Honestly, they’re all set up for FUN. But, when we’re feeling burnt out, we head straight for a booty-shaking dance cardio class because #YOLO. Sometimes one dance cardio class is all we need to get back into the grind (#PUNny).

Spin Class

2. Plan Ahead: sometimes getting into our favorite classes requires planning ahead (we’re looking at you Pilates Reformer studios…), but other times we know that our favorite classes’ schedules are wide open. So, we wait until the last minute to sign up for the class. But, apparently we’re more likely to skip a workout if we haven’t signed up ahead of time. Cough, late fees, cough cough. When it comes to exercise via-boutique fitness studio or just going for a run after work, planning your exercise ahead of time is actually proven to make sure it gets done. We recommend scheduling exercise into your calendar and/or signing up for classes ahead of time and verbalizing your intention to exercise as a way to hold yourself accountable.

StudioHop Fitness App

3. Dress The Part: speaking of follow-through, having to go home to change for a workout is another classic buzz-kill that has found us all sitting on the couch, complaining about a late fee, and elbow deep in a bowl of popcorn. We recommend either dressing for your workout when you head out for the day (if you have the luxury of working for a company that allows fitness apparel in the office, like we do) or packing your athletic apparel when you leave the house in the morning so that you can head straight to your workout and avoid any potential temptations between work, your house, and wherever you do exercise. If you’re an AM-sweater, lay that outfit out the night before so that you don’t “get lost” digging around your closet for your gym shoes in the morning. We’ve even heard of some people sleeping in their gym clothes so that they can roll out of bed in the morning and zombie-walk straight into a crossfit studio. #ShineOn people, #ShineOn.

Girl holding yoga mat and spin shoes

4. Strength In Numbers: Last but certainly not least, we encourage all of you to ROLL DEEP to your workouts. Show up to the gym with your crew and you’re guaranteed to have a great time that doesn’t involve chips and queso. Not to mention, your crew will definitely give you a hard time if you ditch out on workouts or avoid planning them all together. So, there’s some serious strength potential in numbers.Group fitness classes

In summation, when it comes to staying motivated this Fall, think: Fun, Plan, Dress, and Crew and you should be good to go. PS – don’t forget to tag @StudioHopFit in those magical winter Jacuzzi grams.

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