We recently came across an AWESOME blog post on 23 Ways to Treat Yo’ Self Without Buying or Eating Anything, and loved every word we read. Rewarding yourself is great. It can keep you motivated, help you relieve some stress after a long day or just simply because you DESERVE to treat yourself.

But, you don’t need to blow the very goal you’re rewarding yourself for, right?? That seems counterproductive! So, my queso and margarita ‘reward’ doesn’t really help me reach my goal of losing weight. Although, if any of you know of calorie-free chips and queso, we need to talk!

So, here are 12 ways to TREAT YO’ SELF without opening your wallet or mouth!

  1. Take a FREE class!

There are so many amazing things going on around the Dallas and Austin areas that you would be doing yourself a disservice by not taking advantage! Check out THIS SITE and THIS SITE for ideas!

  1. Go for a walk.

Ok, we know it’s February but you can’t beat this weather we’ve been having here in Texas. It’s amazing what a little sun on your face can do for your mood! Oh, and the people watching… duh.

  1. Take a hot bath.

If you’re likely to always be on the go like the rest of us, taking even a 10-minute soak can bring on a new level of relaxation that is a serious treat. Especially after all the weekly workouts you’ve been doing!

  1. Pick a place in town and drive to it without using Google Maps.

It’s amazing the things you discover and notice when you have to rely on your own sense of direction to get somewhere.

  1. Discover a new podcast.

By now you’ve all heard of Serial but there are SO many other awesome podcasts out there. We recommend starting with the top charts and working your way from those!

  1. Go to your local farmers market to peruse the produce.

Enjoy the beauty that is fresh produce.

  1. Play dress up from your own closet.

Rediscover how amazing your wardrobe is. Take a look at your favorite fashion bloggers and then see which pieces you might already have in your closet and try to recreate an outfit! Get yourself excited about your ‘new outfit’ without actually spending the new outfit money.

  1. Invite a friend over and have a spa night.

Bust out the nail polish, that spa scrub you swore you would totally use all the time and haven’t used since you bought it at Target last month and tell jokes and enjoy each other’s company!

  1. Go read a book or relax in a park.

Grab a blanket, your furry friend and get outside. Read a book or just simply relax and enjoy the outdoors. Seriously, people watching is THE. BEST.

  1. Take a nap.

Relaxation. Do it. Do it often. Sleep is how your body recovers ya know!

  1. Put on your coziest PJs and watch your favorite movie.

Seriously, there’s nothing better than a snuggly night in watching a movie and we’ll break our own rule here and suggest you have a little air-popped popcorn.

  1. Meal Plan for the week.

Plan your meals for the week using all those recipes you ‘never have time to look at’ after you save them, pin them and email them to yourself.