A good sweat eases pain, rids the body of toxins, controls mood swings, prevents colds, regulates body temperature and boosts endorphins; no wonder we can’t go a day without doing it! Today we’re sharing 10 Sweatiest Classes in ATX for all of our Austinites out there.

1. The MADness at Madabolic: The concept is simple: Intense Intervals. Insane Conditioning. It is the program’s day to day design that makes them unique. My favorite parts of the class were the sprints, boxing intervals and kettlebell movements.

2. AO Fit at Athletic Outcomes: Full body functional training for 60 minutes. You receive quality coaching cues that help you find muscles, gain strength, and train your cardiovascular system. This class is always changing and programmed in order to prevent adaptation and promote quality form. If you don’t leave drenched, you weren’t giving it your all 😉

3. Total Body Conditioning at Blackbird Fitness: Average Calorie Burn: 300 calories. In this 45min class you will rotate between TRX exercises and weighted cardio driven circuits. Moving from upper body to lower using TRX through out the entire class.

4. Paddle Conditioning at Hey Paddle
: A super fun and challenging 60 minute total body workout for all age groups and fitness levels. This was our first class at Hey Paddle and our instructor was super fun and patient with us regaining our balance (over and over again). You’ll focus on getting comfortable on the board, then they’ll push you with core & paddle circuits. Don’t be afraid to fall in! Almost everyone in the class did at some point so wear a swimsuit, or shorts and a top. Also! Don’t forget your water (I did and felt super dehydrated the whole class). Really looking forward to our next classes with Hey Paddle!

5. Heated Vinyasa Flow at Treehouse Yoga: This class uses the same instruction as a vinyasa flow class with heat set to 80-90 degrees to help students go deeper in their postures, find more flexibility and aid in detoxification. This is a strong and fun class that will make you break a sweat, feel invigorated and help you connect with yourself in new ways! 

6. Sculpt at Wild Heart Yoga: If Yoga, Pilates and Boot-Camp had a baby it would be Sculpt!  This class warms up and cools down with yoga, and uses high intensity intervals (strength, plyometric, cardio, isometric) of athletic conditioning with a focus on strengthening and stabilizing the core. Get ready to sweat it out as you sculpt lean muscle mass!

7. Fight Club at Fight Club Austin: Their relentless trainers will lead you through a 60 minute group workout, emphasizing proper form and technique while incorporating cardio, strength, and kickboxing elements.

8. Exra Love at Love Cycling Studio: A  rhythmic ride that incorporates the entire body. Ride to the beat with tapbacks, push ups, crunches, intervals and an arm workout with weights. Just like their Higher Power (45 minute class) but 15 minutes longer because we’re always up for the extra burn.

9. Total Body 55 at Crush Fitness: By mixing high intensity treadmill intervals with total body toning, you can blast up to 800 calories in one 55 minute class. Add in some rockin’ music and a killer studio space with state of the art training equipment & you’re full on crushing it.

10. Barre+Kickboxing at Green Bird Fitness: Get ready to burn some major calories with this one! This class is a mix of kickboxing intervals and barre work. It is recommended that you take 3-5 Barre classes before taking this class. We’ll be barefoot for this class.