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Picture this: you’re a vegetarian living in Oklahoma City. You’re a StudioHop member and you live a magical life hopping around from great studio to great studio. Your mantra is all about #balance so you generally enjoy buying your afternoon latte out, but you make your own coffee *w/almond milk* and a granola bowl in the AM because, duh, you’re basically a professional cook. Your life is so magical, in fact, that you recently used your Verity Mortgage perk to buy a new home near Classen Curve (say hello to your new neighbor, Whole Foods). So, on this particular day, your kitchen is all boxed-up and you need to buy all of your meals out. Darn.

Luckily OKC has some great options for you, you little vegetarian, you. Allow us to map out your perfect day of veggie heaven in OKC below.

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You’ll start your day in the Paseo Arts District. The morning light sure does look pretty bouncing off of those historic buildings. Nothing like a vegan vanilla lavender donut & cold brew from Holey Rollers to complement the Spanish Revival Architecture views. Located Across from Picasso Cafe in the historic Paseo Plunge building, Holey Rollers Donuts offers vegan donuts (GF options) & coffee, open weekdays from 7:00AM – 2:00PM & Weekends 8:00AM – 3:00PM. Bring your to-do list and check off a few things while you enjoy your donut, coffee and morning vistas.

Next up: head on over to one of StudioHop’s newest OKC studios, Row OKC, for their mid-morning class. All of that vanilla lavender sugar and caffeine should give you plenty of energy to power through your 45 minutes of intervals, endurance, and weights. Did you know that a 125 lb person can burn up to 510 calories an hour on a rowing machine? Should have gotten TWO donuts!

Feeling sore? Time to stop by Midtown Cryo for a $20 cryotherapy session with StudioHop membership ($50 value). Did you know that, according to Midtown Cryo, professional athletes have discovered whole body cryotherapy as a more powerful and effective way to decrease recovery time and increase athletic performance?

Next up: our favorite class from high school, lunch! Drive on over to The Red Cup for an art-filled ambiance and delicious vegan & vegetarian dishes. Open weekdays from 7:00AM – 3:00PM and weekends from 9:00AM – 3:00PM. We recommend their GMO Free Toe Pie (house fried corn chips, red cup chili, cashew cheese sauce, tomatoes, onions, olives & fresh jalapenos), because, duh. Grab a Sexi Mexi espresso drink (w/almond milk) while you’re there if you’re feeling feisty!

Feeling stressed? Call and book an afternoon appointment at The Float Spa (15% off a 60 minute float with StudioHop membership). According to The Float Spa, benefits of floating include: mental clarity and focus (yes, please), increase in energy (never hurts!), decrease in anxiety, stress, and tension (sign me up!), and more. Trust us, 60 minutes of floating, and you’ll forget all of your stresses and woes.

Snack Time! After your float, you’ll probably want to continue #TreatingYoSelf. We recommend heading downtown to Nourished Food Bar for a golden milk smoothie … and maybe a vegan, GF chocolate chip cookie.

Feeling refreshed? We’re sending you back home to continue packing boxes and to daydream about dinner. Speaking of dinner… we think you might should send out a grext and get the crew together for a delicious vegan dinner at The Loaded Bowl. Open Tuesday – Saturday until 10:00PM, the loaded bowl has some delicious vegan entrees, cocktails, and shareable-sides like chips + cashew queso. Order a Blueberry Basil Mule, you deserve it!

Congrats on your big, imaginary move, and thanks for being a StudioHop member!

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