We’re big proponents of sunscreen and reapplying every few hours or more frequently when water/sweating is involved. We’ve been on the clean skincare train for a while, but once we heard the news that there are a lot of unsafe sunscreens out there– key words being “oxybenzone” and “octocrylene”, we started taking closer looks at the suncreens we’re using (and inevitably borrowing from friends). The FDA has raised flags about “oxybenzone”, an ingredient that is prevalant in a lot of suncare, because it has been shown to absorb into bloodstreams and affect hormone levels and other health problems we’d like to avoid. At the end of the day, the EWG (which is the source we trust and recommend you use this tool to search specific products to determine whether they’re clean, and what they’re rated) says to reach for mineral sunscreens with active ingredients like zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.

Ok, look. We get it. Using “clean” products is not cheap. And we also understand there are other factors in one’s lifestyle that can lead to health issues, but if you can buy the good stuff to protect your skin, do it. Avoid skin cancer, avoid the icky stuff you *used* to glop on at the beach and reach for some of our favorite clean ways to avoid painful sunburns and rashes and long-lasting after-effects all that jazz:

1. Supergoop Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist with Vitamin C. This stuff smells great, keeps your skin hydrated & you can spray the bottle upside down (!!)

2. Supergoop Poof Part Powder (SPF 45). Finally! A sunscreen for your part that doesn’t leave your hair greasy. The bottle works like a dry shampoo pump, and the powder coats your scalp which is usually a spot we forget but is also a common place where skin cancers are discovered.

3. Elta MD UV Daily Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 40. It goes on like a dream, it’s tinted (’nuff said) and it’s not greasy at all.

4. Beautycounter Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30. This one also smells great and is good for the days when you need a good full-body rub down and not mess with the spray in the wind.

5. All Good Coconut Sun Stick SPF 30. Don’t forget your lips! If you’ve ever experienced over-sun exposure of your lips you’ll know what we’re talking about…puffy, painful, awful. Lather up & reapply!

So we want to know what YOUR favorite sunscreens are. Leave a comment with links! Wishing everyone a safe and fun summer. We’ll be over here in the shade with suncreen and hat on.