January is all about new routines, refreshing your day-to-day schedule, your body, mind, soul. Goals, intentions, resolutions–we’re armed and ready to tackle the new year. After the first few weeks of hustling, sometimes what you really need is to hit refresh. Listen to your body and do what your soul needs. We’ve found ourselves completely exhausted at the end of the week after hitting those work deadlines, getting in our daily workouts, meal prepping, girls night, chores and more. Here are our favorite ways to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves without paying a cent.

Go for a long walk. Lace up your shoes, leash up the pup and hit a nearby trail or your neighborhood for a nice long walk. Sometimes fresh air is all we need to clear our minds and de-stress. A long walk is also a great time to call a long distance friend or family member to catch up or listen to a podcast. Or fly solo and listen to the birds chirp. Being outside in nature is a great way to go.

Take a nap. You know how you used to whine and complain when it was nap time as a kid? No we’re whining and complaining if we don’t get a nap in over the weekend. Put that phone away (and on silent), grab your favorite blanket and tune the world out. Naps improve our moods, give us an energy boost and we hear they are good for your heart. We’ll take it. The nap, that is.

De-clutter. We started with our closets. General rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn it in a year or more, donate it. Toss out over-worn and old items. Move to the pantry, bedroom, bathrooms. You can even de-clutter your text messages and clear up some space on your phone, unsubscribe from emails, clean up the fridge…go to town and you will feel de-cluttered. *sigh of relief*

Roll out your yoga mat & stretch it out. No need to go anywhere for this one! Grab a foam roller if you have one and spend at least 20 minutes stretching where it feels good. Put on a relaxing playlist on Spotify, light a candle or fire up your diffuser and get in the zen zone. You’ll wonder why you don’t do this every day.

Cook yourself a healthy meal. Sometimes all you need is to nourish your body by cooking yourself a simple healthy meal. We like to spiralize zucchinis or sweet potatoes and add roasted tomatoes or chickpeas and ground turkey or grilled chicken.

Have a friend over & catch up over a cup of tea. You could meet at a coffee shop, but that would mean oepning your wallet. Instead, invite a friend over, brew some tea or coffee and relax on the couch while catching up. The question you should be asking each other is: “how are you, really?” to get to the heart of your catch up session. Good for the soul, and good for the friendship!

Take a bath. Bubbles or epsom salt. Light candles, cue the spa music, grab a book and a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and you’re golden. You’ll feel like a whole new (wo)man.

Meditate. You can do this laying on a yoga mat, or sitting in your coziest chair. We like using the app Headspace, but whether you prefer guided or not, focus on your breathing and that’s it. Start with 3 minutes, and when your mind starts to wander, don’t get frustrated. Just notice it, and continue breathing.

Watch a rom-com with your dog/cat. There is nothing wrong with a good romantic comedy you find on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Zone out, get some laughs in, cry, just let it happen. Bonus points if you have a fluffy family member to snuggle up with on the couch. Oh, and we think popping some popcorn (and pouring a glass of kombucha) is a must.

Face mask & read a book. Apply your favorite face mask, grab a book and just r-e-l-a-x. There’s something so soothing about taking care of your skin, expanding your mind and relaxing all at the same time that is rejuvenating and productive all at the same time. This could be your new Sunday self-care routine! We love this face mask and we’re currently reading this book.