Member Moment- Meet Paige (3)

1. Favorite studio currently: Lync Cycling and City Yoga (deep stretch class!)

2. Most used emoji: c674d5746f3f669964324fc1faf8e415   and   

3. Typical Fro-yo toppings: Strawberries, dark chocolate chips and Heath Bar!

4. What’s your go-to health food store (Whole Foods, Central Market, Trader Joes or a hidden gem?) : Trader Joes (Cali girl)

5. Your typical Starbucks order: Undertow! It’s a secret menu item 😉

6. One store you couldn’t live without: Do I have to pick just one?! Nordstrom, Milk & Honey, LuluLemon

7. Avocados and sweet potatoes … are always in your fridge.

8. Best local spot: Coconut’s Fish Cafe or Steel City Pops!

9. Favorite song currently: Top 3 because I just can’t choose one, and they are all country!! Tuxedo by Clare Dunn, Smile on Mine by Jon Wolfe, Can’t Stop Smiling by Love and Theft

10. You splurge on Lazer Hair Removal! Best invention ever!

11. Essential summer items: Maui Jim Sunglasses, sunkissed tan, fresh mani/pedi, sunscreen, bathing suit!

12. Something on today’s to do list: Read my bible 🙂

13. Never leave the house without: My Fitbit, phone, AdvoCare Spark, on-the-go snack of some sort, chapstick, and of course a SMILE!

14. Your next Wanderlust moment: Jackson Hole, WY! Would love to adventure there and explore the outdoors and all the fun activities!

15. Most likely show found on your DVR: Netflix: Fuller House (new favorite!), New Girl


16. Philanthropy you are passionate about: I volunteer as a Little League T-Ball coach in West Dallas – which is so much fun to be able to be a person who these little kids look up to.

17. Studio you are hopping to next: Pure Barre (I heard it hurts so good)


18. Dream Vacation: To be able to explore Europe, with concentrating a lot of time in Italy. I would love to be able to go to the church where my grandparents got married in Italy, and to taste the amazing food and wine there! Who doesn’t love some good carbs and a glass or two of delicious wine?!

19. Place you would live if you didn’t live in Dallas: I wouldn’t ever leave Texas, so maybe Hill Country?

20. What inspires and motivates you every day: My faith, family, friends and feeling fabulous motivates and inspires you everyday

21. Best workout advice: I am a big believer in using HEALTHY and SAFE supplements to help with workouts, post-workout recovery, energy, getting additional protein in my diet. I also rarely step on the scale. To me, it is just a number. I love being able judge how my clothes fit, and how I feel, versus looking at numbers. I also try to push myself a little bit more each week. The class may be hard, but I would regret not giving it my all during the workout. I never regret feeling the burn or pushing my limit on my workouts after the class is over with.

22. Why do you prefer StudioHop to a traditional gym membership?