Member Moment- Meet Paige (5)

1. Favorite studio currently: Grit Fitness

2. Most used emoji:   Crazy Face Emoji

3. Typical Fro-yo toppings: Strawberries, kiwi, granola, and white chocolate chips!

4. What’s your go-to health food store (Whole Foods, Central Market, Trader Joes or a hidden gem?): Obsessed with Trader Joes!

5. Your typical Starbucks order: Tall Strawberry Acai refresher.

6. One store you couldn’t live without: Life of Riley in Deep Ellum. I find the best gifts for family and friends there!

7. Trader Joes blueberry coconut milk yogurt … is always in your fridge.

Blueberry coconut milk yogurt


8. Best local spot: Parliament for drinks and Filament for dinner.

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Inside view of Parliament. Photo Cred:

9. Favorite song currently: Work from Home by Fifth Harmony.

10. You splurge on… Travel and clothes.

11. Essential summer items: Sunglasses, shorts, and V-necks.

12. Something on today’s to do list: Go to the grocery store after working out.

13. Never leave the house without: Wearing cologne.

14. Your next Wanderlust moment: Last year I went to Thailand and now I want to explore more places in Asia.

15. Most likely show found on your DVR: Scandal!


16. Philanthropy you are passionate about: In Dallas I love volunteering at 2ndSaturday and North Texas Food Bank.

17. Studio you are hopping to next: Catching a spin class at Lync.

18. Dream Vacation: Australia!

19. Place you would live if you didn’t live in Dallas: I really like Austin.

20. What inspires you everyday: My faith 

21. Best workout advice: Start with a workout you really like and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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