Jada Email Graphic

1. Favorite studio currently: So hard to pick, but gotta go with Zyn22 Logo PNG

2. Most used emoji: Tie between   & smiling-face-with-open-mouth

3. Typical Fro-yo toppings: Strawberries, mango, coconut flakes, peanut butter cup pieces and a little honey or caramel to tie it all together.

4. E-reader or traditional book: The Alchemist is my go-to.

5. Your typical Starbucks order: Depends on the day but it alternates between Soy upside down caramel Macchiato and Venti Strawberry Acai .

5. One store you couldn’t live without: Lush!

6. Fuze Strawberry Red Tea (I’m obsessed!) … is always in your fridge.

7. Best local spot: Monkey King Noodle Co. and Val’s Cheesecakes (Cheesecake in a jar, what’s not to like!) Definitely check them out!

8. Favorite song currently: Can’t stop playing Formation by Beyonce.

9. You splurge on … High top sneakers

10. Essential summer items: Snapback, sunnies, dope pair of kicks, and crop top to round it out.

11. Something on today’s to do list: Go outside and get a jog in to enjoy the beautiful weather coming in!

12. Never leave the house without: my phone, keys, sunnies, and of course a can of Fuze Strawberry Red Tea.

13. All-time favorite movie: SO HARD but I’m always down to watch The Breakfast Club. bfclub

14. Most likely show found on your TiVo: Don’t really use tivo but my Hulu feed is full of Walking Dead, Mindy Project, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

15. Philanthropy you are passionate about: I used to work with blind and deaf children when I lived in California, but here I’ve volunteered at Dress For Success and #HashtagLunchbag.

16. Studio you are hopping to next: City Surf- Deep Ellum this weekend! city surf logo copy

17. Dream Vacation: Bora Bora or Australia.


18. Place you would live if you didn’t live in Dallas: Definitely would be back in LA!

19.  What inspires you: My vision board motivates and inspires me everyday

20. Why do you prefer StudioHop to a traditional gym membership?

I love StudioHop because I didn’t feel like I needed to be at a certain level in my fit journey to become a member. Just reading the website you can get a sense of the passion the bunny behind the business has for spreading health/fitness awareness to this city. On my own I’ve lost about 60 pounds, but needed a way to work out without my body adapting too quickly to a routine, StudioHop provides that for me without breaking the bank and makes it SO FUN! I can surf today, cycle tomorrow, then get my Namaste on over the weekend. It’s a membership that has everything I need and everything I didn’t know I needed.

21. Best workout advice: Don’t constantly weight yourself, it’s a slippery slope! Focus on your diet and making progress no matter the time, as long as your focused and working diligently toward your goals you will achieve them without a doubt!