Member Spotlight: Caroline Scott 1. Favorite studio currently: Beyond-Lovers Lane. The reformers plus a combo of fast paced movement make for a killer workout! Added bonus is that all the instructors are crazy nice!

2. Most used emoji: Any sassy emoji, or the monkey covering its eyes.

3. Typical Fro-yo toppings: Always have to have some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

4. E-reader or traditional book: I don’t read often but when I do I prefer a traditional book.

5. Your typical Starbucks order: Venti cool lime refresher, perfect on a hot day or an iced non-fat no whip white chocolate mocha…complicated I know but so delicious!

6. One store you couldn’t live without: Nordstrom or Banana Republic!

7. Ice flavor water and greek yogurt… is always in your fridge.

8. Best local spot: I am a big fan of the Katy Trail Ice House but also Klyde Warren Park. So much fun out there and the food trucks are amazing.

9. Favorite song currently: Take ü There by Jack ü, Skrillex & Diplo. It’s perfect for those tap backs at The Ride House!

10. You splurge on … workout clothes…when you look good and feel good your performance is better. Or I like to think that 🙂

11. Essential summer items: Fabulous pair of sunglasses and sandals. They make every outfit so much better.

12. Something on today’s to do list: Clean my apartment, spring cleaning is amongst us all sadly.

13. Never leave the house without: my cell phone, i feel naked without it honestly!

14. All-time favorite movie: Pitch Perfect, what I would do to be friends with Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.


15. Most likely show found on your TiVo: Any Bravo tv and Scandal.

16. Philanthropy you are passionate about: Anything that is helping children.

17. Studio you are hopping to next: Beyond on Lovers, favorite reformer class ever!

18. Dream Vacation: I would love to go to Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. If it is my dream vacation I am going big on this!

19. Place you would live if you didn’t live in Dallas: Georgia or South Carolina..because southern gentlemen, duh. And they are both beautiful.

20. What motivates and inspires you everyday: Swimsuit season motivates me to work out each day.

21. Why do you prefer StudioHop to a traditional gym membership? I love that it allows for versatility. One day I can be surfing (in Dallas!) and the next I can be sweating it up at Beyond500 and then relaxing at Plum. There are so many options and different classes you can go unlimited times! I have always done the traditional gym classes and they were so boring and didn’t fit my schedule. StudioHop fits any schedule and any workout mood. There is also super fun member parties every month. It isnt just a workout program/membership. It is a community.

22. Best workout advice: Never give up. anything is possible for 20 seconds. Once you complete those 20 just start back over. The end results are always worth it.