Alex Larabee Email Graphic

  1. Favorite studio currently: Beyond Pilates Lovers Lane (Brandi is my girl)
  2. Most used emoji: Red Dress Lady (cha-cha girl)  cha-cha-dancer
  3. Favorite Appetizer: I LOVE shishito peppers. Addicted to all things spicy.
  4. E-reader or traditional book: Traditional Book – I love taking notes & highlighting inspirational quotes/advice.
  5. Your typical Starbucks order: Tall Skinny Vanilla Late with Cinnamon (basic, I know…)
  6. One store you couldn’t live without: Easy one, Anthropologie. I used to work for URBN Inc. in Philly so I really miss the discount!
  7. Eggs (I poach them and add Siracha) … are always in your fridge.
  8. Favorite Local Eats: I love The Cedars Social on South Lamar. Good food, awesome drinks, and cool ambience.
  9. Favorite song currently: Justin Bieber’s Sorry – makes me want a Hoverboard so I can roll around dancing (I am a dork). justin-bieber
  10. You splurge on … Skincare – At the risk of sounding like a snob, I am a big fan of La Mer, Kiehl’s, and Fresh!
  11. Red or White Wine: Reds – Malbec, Merlot, and Cab Sav
  12. Something on today’s to do list: I need to pack for my weekend trip to Philadelphia to visit friends.
  13. Favorite Cheese: Sottocenere Cheese – add honey
  14. All-time favorite movie: Pretty Woman & Notting Hill (tied)
  15. Most likely show found on your TiVo: Don’t have TiVo, but I just finished watching Making a Murderer on Netflix (is he innocent?!)
  16. Philanthropy you are passionate about: I used to be a Big Sister (Big Brother Big Sisters of America) and LOVED it! I love anything that focuses on helping children. This Christmas, my coworkers and I volunteered at the Salvation Army. We sorted and handed out Angel Tree gifts.
  17. Studio you are hopping to next: The Yoga Factory (Plano) – I work across the street from the studio. The Power Hour class is both relaxing and challenging.
  18. Dream Vacation: Any white sandy beach where I have a cocktail in hand.A beach near Hotel Akumal Caribe. Looks like a postcard, but it's real!
  19. Favorite Quote: “Let your faith be bigger than your fear.”
  20. Place you would live if you didn’t live in Dallas: I’d like to move to the West Coast someday, but I really miss Philly! I love city life and being able to walk from place to place.
  21. Why do you prefer StudioHop to a traditional gym membership? Oh, where do I begin! I have made friends through StudioHop, I am accountable to workout with StudioHop, and I have made personal connections with instructors through StudioHop. It has transformed my life! I haven’t been this in shape since I played sports in high school. I am taking classes on average 4-5 days a week. I love the feeling working out gives me and I love the studios we are members at!
  22. Best workout advice: Make your schedule in advance so you can stick to a routine and get your friends involved! I have 2 StudioHop group chats with my girlfriends and we send each other our schedules weekly so we can plan classes together.