Self-Love is coffee dates, stretching and wine in the bathtub

Self-Love. We’re selfie-lovers living in a “I deserve this” millennial pink world. Self-Love may sound like an entitled generational fad that would only exacerbate the “me, me, me” mentality, but it’s actually a foundational trait we think is important for your health, happiness and the relationships you have with yourself, your S.O., your family, friends, coworkers and that stranger you just walked by with your dog in the neighborhood.

Self-Love is defined as “[the] regard for one’s own well-being and happiness”. What a beautiful thing! If you don’t have self-love, then how are you going to get through your work week, much less care for others? You have to love yourself before you can show love to others.

Last month our theme was #backtobalance. This month it’s self-love. We believe these two ideals go hand-in-hand. So much of our lives are spent working, then getting our exercise in, grabbing something quick to eat for dinner and then maybe binging on a Netflix show or grabbing drinks with a friend. It’s time to take a step back, spend some time reflecting on yourself to figure out what it is that you need in your life that will contribute to your well-being and your happiness instead of simply going through the motions, going to bed and repeating the next day. It’s time to cut out the things that are not serving you.

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We believe self-reflection is the first step towards practicing and understanding what self-love is all about. Once you establish what makes you happy and what nurtures your soul, you’ll know what you need to do. For us, self-love can be catching up with a friend over coffee, making a to-do list on a Sunday, lighting a candle and taking a bath with a glass of wine in hand or planning a fun date night with the husband/wife/S.O. Self-love takes on many forms whether it be spa treatments, cooking healthier, giving yourself a rest day or working out harder. Your mind, body and soul have needs and it’s time to start listening to them so that you can turn around and serve the people right next to you.

I recently read this article in Forbes about how a big chunk of “millennials” are forfeiting their vacation days in fear of appearing lazy, not loyal or fear of being replaced. It also said millennials are twice as likely to shame their peers for taking vacation time when compared to older generations. This is nuts! Whether you’re taking your vacation days to travel the world or take some mental health time, we think it’s very important to destress and show your hardworking self some love. Self-love is not shameful, nor is overworking and under-sleeping something to boast about.

Self-Love is not an entitled, negative practice. Self-Love is thanking your mind, body and soul for getting you through the ups and downs of your daily life and enjoying your life to the very fullest.  Self-Love is about treating your body right, getting variety into your workouts, trying something new, treating yourself to something delicious and giving your mind some space by de-stressing. You only get one life to live, people. Show yourself some love and soak up every moment. Are you with us?

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