One of the best parts of being in the business of boutique fitness is getting to know so many passionate men and women who pour everything into their craft with a common goal of bettering the people around them. Kicking off the instructor and studio owner spotlight series for 2020 is Julie Godfrey, owner of The Barre Code Plano. Read on to get to know Julie, and if you’ve never been to TBC Plano, be sure to book a class by clicking here.

What do you do?  I am the Owner, Operator, and Sr. Master Trainer & Instructor of The Barre Code Plano

Where do YOU find your motivation? What is your WHY?  My WHY is our community. Everyday there are women who show up when they are having a bad day and look to us to be the bright spot in their day. They also show up when they are having a great day, maybe it’s their birthday, and they know that we will celebrate their accomplishments and milestones with them. It’s a lot of responsibility to be a safe haven for so many, but it’s also a privilege and most definitely my WHY.

With it being a new year (and new decade), what are some of your goals or resolutions you’ve set for yourself?  Personally, I set an intention for this year to try and stop and celebrate my wins before moving on to the next goal. As a business owner, we are always looking on to the next goal, the next event, the next promotion, and I realized that I need to stop and appreciate my accomplishments. Life is too short to not celebrate!

How did you first get into fitness? I have been in some form of fitness most of my life. I was a dancer and taught dance at a young age. I majored in Dance in college and that’s when I obtained my first Pilates certification. While pursuing dance in NYC, I worked at an all-women’s gym and that’s when I truly discovered it was my passion to help people, particularly women, live healthier lives. I then went on to get my M.S. in Exercise Science & Wellness. I had a 10 year career in Corporate Wellness, teaching group fitness as my “fun job”, before opening The Barre Code Plano.

What’s the best health/wellness advice you’ve ever received that has actually helped?  At the Barre Code we focus on what there is to GAIN, not LOSE. That is what attracted me to this brand and why I invested in opening my studio. I have worked with women my whole career, and have dealt with my own body image issues, and when we focus on gaining (strength, confidence, body positivity) versus losing (weight, inches, pant sizes), it completely changes your outlook on fitness. Not only does it change the mental outlook, but I’ve seen so many more physical transformations just by stripping away that constant need and desire to lose.

What’s your favorite workout to do when you’re not teaching?  I love to throw on my running shoes and just take off out my front door. Running is when I do my best thinking and it’s a great time to catch up on my favorite podcasts.

Best thing in your fridge right now?  Green Juice that I just made yesterday!

Go-to pre or post-workout snack? Apple with Almond Butter

Go-to morning beverage(s)?  Dark Roast Coffee with a splash of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and a Smoothie.

Favorite splurge meal/dessert?  Chips & Salsa/Guac and a spicy margarita from Mesero.

Best movie/tv series and/or podcast you’ve seen/listened to lately? I just finished binging both The Morning Show and Navarro Cheer and I highly recommend both!

Where do you get your health/wellness information? I am fortunate to be part of a franchise that is constantly learning and evolving so I get a lot of information through my own franchise network. My husband owns a sports performance company so I learn a lot from him about injury prevention.  We both also follow a plant-based diet so I enjoy reading articles and watching documentaries about the benefits of being plant-based.

If this wasn’t your job, what would be your job?  I can’t imagine not teaching fitness. Even if I ever went back to the corporate world, I would continue teaching fitness on the side. I plan to run The Barre Code Plano for many years to come so I can’t even wrap my head around this question. 🙂

Favorite way to unwind after a long day/week?  I typically crash on Fridays.  My husband and I like to stay in on Friday nights with our dog, Odie. We make homemade pizza and watch the latest binge-worthy show. I try to go to bed fairly early so I can perform my best for my Saturday AM classes.

thank you Julie for participating in our owner spotlight series. if you’ve never taken a class at The Barre Code Plano, go book one now!