When we’re not in studios, we love to get outside for a breath of fresh air. Whether we’re on a jog or walk, there’s nothing quite like being outside to get our heart rates up. While we love a good pump-up jam, sometimes it’s nice to switch off that sound and turn to podcasts. They’re the perfect way to pass the time and learn something new!

Since we’ve heard people say running can be a bit monotonous, we wanted to share our favorite podcasts to jog and walk to in order to help you spice things up.

podcasts to jog or walk to

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! 

This quiz-show style is popular amongst those looking for podcasts to help them get moving because it distracts and keeps people thinking. The show is filmed live in Chicago and brings in guests to test them about current events via trivia; it’s a good way to see what you know, as well!

How I Built This

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite companies got started, How I Built This will answer all your burning questions. Not really – but it will probably answer a lot for you! This is a great podcast that gives you insight into the creative geniuses behind many successful businesses today. Perfect for inspiring you as you get moving.


Looking to fit in a quick morning jog or walk? Criminal is for those folks who are crunched for time and loved the Serial series. Rather than stretch the stories over multiple episodes, you can finish them in one listen and have your workout complete! A win-win in our book.

podcasts to jog or walk to

Pardon My Take 

We’ve got you covered, sports fans. Dubbed as the “loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word,” this podcast covers daily topics and brings in guests from the sports world. This show is majority satire, so brace yourself to be laughing as you run.

Run to the Top 

Run to the Top provides a wealth of knowledge about every topic you could need to know more about in order to become a better athlete. It introduces you to some of the best in the running industry and after hearing their enthusiasm, you’ll be motivated to not give up.


MindBodyGreen features interviews with influential people who are changing the wellness world. Topics range from fitness to nutrition to self-help. This podcast doesn’t sugarcoat it: these movers and shakers are opening up and telling it straight how it is. Prepare to be moved and inspired.


What are your favorite podcasts to jog or walk to?