You see those photos of friends who get up early, complete their workout, make their healthy breakfast…how do they do it?

Going from night owl to early bird is not an easy feat. You have to shift your mindset and in some ways, completely change your habits. But, once you start to settle into your morning routine, you won’t even have to think twice. We promise you’ll never want to go back to your old days. If setting your alarm for any kind of number that’s smaller than a 7 seems daunting, this one is for you. Keep reading for our tips for motivation to get to a studio early:

  1. Set your alarm to your favorite song – some people may say this makes you hate your favorite song, but we say it makes mornings easier!
  2. Drink a giant cup of water – sometimes it helps to have a full glass waiting for you to start drinking right when you wake up.
  3. Lay out your clothes the night before – don’t make yourself think too hard in the morning. Know where your clothes are and what you’re wearing. It’ll save you more time than you think.
  4. Book your classes ahead of time – Sunday night plan your workouts for the week and do. not. cancel. them.
  5. Post to social media – don’t laugh, but sometimes having a bunch of people to hold you accountable is what it takes. When the world knows you’re going, a little bit of pride will get you there in the morning.
  6. Try to get in bed early – and snuggle up with a new book to help you doze off for a full night of sleep before that alarm goes off bright and early.