Summertime is the perfect time to take a road trip with your friends. Whether it’s over a long weekend, a bit of time off from work, or an extravagant trip along the coast, embrace the spontaneity of summertime. Map out your trip, book your stay, fill up your tank and you’re ready! Right?

Er, not quite yet. You don’t want to undo all that hard work you’ve been putting in at studios! Sure, splurge on the dessert and that giant cheeseburger, but don’t be so unprepared that you have to pull over at a gas station for snacks. We are here to help you stock up on the healthiest and most delicious snacks before you leave so you can save the splurges for the real deal.

Below are our suggestions for healthy snacks for a road trip:

healthy snacks for a roadtrip

Hail Merry: One of our favorite treats to keep around the office, Hail Merry makes yummy treats featuring plant-based healthy fats. They believe we should eat foods as close to nature as possible and we love that they’ve mastered being able to satisfy our sweet cravings while still sticking to just that.

Plantain chips: We LOVE the plantain chips from Trader Joe’s. A healthy alternative to banana chips, plantain chips are great for satisfying any salty cravings and give you that crunch you need.

Oatmega bars: This company makes really good bars that happen to be low-sugar and gluten-free. They use mostly organic ingredients and some of our favorite flavors include chocolate mint and blueberry.

healthy snacks for a roadtrip

Apple and almond butter: Call us old-fashioned, but this go-to snack never gets old in our book. Slice up a few apples before you depart, grab Justin’s individually packaged almond butters and you are good to go.

Live Love Pop: You can’t go on a road trip without popcorn. Live Love Pop uses wholesome ingredients to make extremely tasty flavors – we’re talking cheddar and sour cream, honey BBQ, truffle salt, just to name a few. Snag a discount using our member perk!

Dried Fruit & Nuts: We love throwing our own trail mix together—without all the added sugar and unnecessary salt. Trader Joe’s is the easiest (and cheapest) spot to gather your materials. We love dried mango (but be sure to check the packaging for any added sugars), raw cashews, almonds, walnuts and dried apple.

What road trip snacks do you always pack?