Whole Foods, you are beautiful. You have that familiar smell that washes over as soon as we set foot inside the doors. You have sustainable and healthy, top notch, trustworthy products. You supply dinner via hot bar when we don’t feel like cooking. Your convenient pre-sliced, diced, chopped, baked, prepared foods make us smile and our wallets cry. That case of kombucha is a thing of beauty. Don’t get us started on your self-serve mochi bars.

Anyone else? Just us? Whole Foods is our second home and we’re always jazzed about the new products we try during the weekly grocery runs. Although we *try* to stick to the meal plan list, sometimes we see products we just have to try. Because of this, we’re sharing the knowledge so you can benefit from these deliciously healthy items at Whole Foods during your next run (or slow stroll with a glass of wine in hand…).

Here are our favorite products at Whole Foods right now:

  1. Veggie Noodle Co. Butternut, sweet potato or zucchini are our favorites, and although a spiralizer is gentler on the pocketbook, these are great if you don’t have time to meal prep and make a delicious and nutrition-packed alternative to pasta.
  2. Health Ade Kombucha. This is our current kombucha fave. We’re in love with the maca berry flavor and the pomegranate, but won’t say no to any flavor. Probiotics: check! Bubbly beverage to replace wine: check!
  3. Tessemae’s Dressings. Any of them, but our favorites are green goddess and creamy Caesar. These are organic, gluten free and super clean. And the Caesar is dairy free!
  4. Ripple Milk. LOVE this organic, dairy free, soy free, nut free, plant based milk. It’s made with pea protein and is the creamiest “milk” we’ve ever had. We put in our coffee, smoothies, bake with it and even add it to soups.
  5. Glutenfreeda Instant Oats. The brown sugar with flax is the tastiest and not-too-sweet. It’s the perfect consistency and easy to throw in your bag for an on-the-go breakfast or snack. They’re (obviously) gluten free and non-GMO.
  6. Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Eggs. These eggs come from a farm in Austin and are seriously sustainable (each batch comes with a “chicken of the month” type insert and makes us think of that one Portlandia episode…you know what we’re talking about)! Either way, we’re in love with their “bullsh*t free” eggs (they said it) and are amazed at the deep yellow-orangey color they are and how much more flavorful they are than any other eggs we’ve tried.
  7. Hail Merry Miracle Tarts. Any flavor. Just go. Get. Some. Chocolate almond butter, coconut vanilla crème, meyer lemon, chocolate mint, Persian lime!? Just be sure to share. Or not.
  8. Banza pasta. Any shape, we don’t care. It’s made from chickpeas, so you’re actually getting some benefit from your pasta AND it tastes pretty close to the real thing. No weird textures, just two times the protein and four times the fiber. 
  9. Purely Elizabeth Granola. Nothing new here, but always in our baskets (we even bought her cookbook). We love these whole grain, gluten free, clean and really delicious granolas. Top 3 flavors are pumpkin cinnamon, chocolate sea salt + peanut butter and coconut cashew.
  10. Nada Moo. Ok, this has always been one of our favorites. These are coconut milk based ice creams (dairy free) from Austin, Texas. You can’t eat the whole pint like you can with Halo Top (but that was never easy on the stomach either), but it’s real, clean ingredients and the flavors are delicious. Try the “that snickerdoodle dough”, creamy coconut or “lotta mint chip”.