Man riding bicycle on trail I always wonder about the people I see that work out several times a week to reach their fitness goals or just to maintain their figure. It seems so hard to keep up with year after year!

I have always been very athletic, but after college and joining the working world, exercise just fell off as a priority; working out was the last thing I thought about doing after or before a long day. I realize how important exercise is to staying healthy, having more energy, sleeping better and all the other things people claim, but I just do not enjoy lifting weights, running or being yelled at by an overly zealous instructor.

This is where I found my solution. Our bodies need exercise to live, but only doing a lot of repetitive, simulated natural activity like lifting heavy dumbbells isn’t going to cut it. Our bodies are highly complex and need to move all over the place. There is a solution, no one is exactly the same, you just have to search for it!

It took me a long time to find outdoor cycling, but I love it and crave it now. I look forward to the next time I can be out on a trail thinking about nothing else but hitting my speed and distance goals while taking in the beautiful scenery. I know this is not for everyone, but my point is this: I had to try lots of different things before I found something that really made me want to work out and not feel like it was a chore. This is why I love StudioHop, it makes it so easy to try all sorts of different workout types with tons of different instructors to find that perfect match just for you.

Man riding bicycle on running trail

Doing the same thing at every workout is also very boring and it is great to mix it up with other workouts even if they are not your favorite. For me, it’s yoga and TRX. This gives me a great balance of flexibility, strength, and endurance to develop a well-rounded routine to help drive results with my fitness.

If you feel like working out is work, I would encourage you to keep trying new things! Your body is not meant to stay on the couch.

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