Winter Daylight Savings is coming this Sunday and we’re not impressed either. Seriously, Daylight Savings (especially “Spring Forward”) can be a real drag losing an hour of sleep, on a Sunday no less. That one hour change messes with us on so many levels. But you know what? We’re doing more with less and we’re taking back that hour in a big way.  Here’s how we’re taking control of our time beginning Sunday, March 11th. We hope you’ll join us!

Get up earlier and retrain your body to become early morning people so you can fit a class in before the day begins. There’s seriously no better feeling than the feeling of productivity before the sun is even up. You’ve checked a major item of your list, and you’re feeling strong enough to tackle the rest of your day. They say exercising in the morning not only improves your mood, but it also boosts metabolism, energizes you and it improves your sleep quality. Not to mention, it helps get you on a schedule, and we all know consistency leads to results and overall happiness. Are you on board the early morning workout train yet?

Soak up the sunshine first thing! Leash your pup up for a walk, go for a jog or catch up with a friend at your local trail. Now that we can get a little sun before work, take full advantage! Throw those covers off and start getting your steps in, and the endorphins will flow.

Stretch it out at home. Roll your mat out in your living room and just go with the flow. If you don’t have time to make it to a studio, follow a video on YouTube or just make it up as you go. There’s something freeing about moving with your breath and not having to care about cues on what position to do next. You do you! We find ourselves questioning why we don’t do this all the time when we actually roll our mats out at home. Much more rewarding than scrolling for just a few more minutes before rolling out of bed!

Make a breakfast smoothie. Now that you’re up, use your hour to fuel up on a nutrient dense smoothie. Better yet, make it a smoothie bowl! We usually start with a few handfuls of leafy greens like kale or spinach, then some frozen berries, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a tablespoon of chia seeds, various adaptogenic powders like ashwagandha and rhodiola for mental clarity and some almond milk to get it all going. If you’d rather eat your breakfast than sip it, pour it into a bowl and top it off with some granola and fresh fruit and coconut flakes! You’ll be full until lunch and you’ll be glad you’re not grabbing for sugary snacks in the office kitchen.

Meditate. We like using the app Headspace, sitting in a cozy lounge chair and clearing our minds at the end of the day before bed. Meditation is great for any time of day and can help with anxiety, stress, creates self awareness, improves sleep and much more. It’s something we need to practice more!

Create a bedtime routine to destress and unwind for a night of quality sleep. Who says you have to be moving to reap the benefits of taking your hour back? Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary. Plug your phone in a different room and *gasp* use an actual alarm clock so you won’t be tempted to scroll. We feel like weirdos suggesting that too, but it’s supposed to really improve your sleep! It’s best to give yourself an hour of screen-free time for your eyes before you drift off, and we love plugging in our diffuser with a little lavender essential oils and reading an actual book.