It all started with getting in the best shape for my wedding day.

I’ve done bootcamps, half marathon training, and home workouts in the past, but there usually always came a time where I lost interest or needed a change. My friend told me about a fitness group that allowed you to attend different classes per month called, Studiohop. I quickly became interested when she told me Studiohop had every type of workout class out there and classes were offered at different times of the day.

Since joining Studiohop, November 28th 2016, I have done things I had never tried before such as barre, climbers, Pilates reformers, and curved treadmills. But the most significant change for me was when I discovered spin. I vividly remember clipping in the bike for the first time and thinking I was the most uncoordinated person in the room. Well, maybe I was super uncoordinated at first, but it became the insatiable challenge I was searching for.

After running my first half marathon a couple years ago, I broke the arch in my foot. I thought I would never get that endurance push again that I loved so much about running. Studio styled spin classes gave me the energy, endurance, and competitive drive I was missing and at a low impact. It is now something I enjoy at least 3x a week, mixed in with some Pilates, yoga, kettlebells, weight training, rowing, and now running stronger than I did before.

Thanks to Studiohop, my workouts stay challenging but also interesting. I never get bored because I can always change the workout type or even the studio. I felt incredible on my wedding day and I am incredibly grateful for the instructors and workouts that got me to the best version of me on the happiest day of my life (10.13.17).

Now that the wedding is over, I have no intention on stopping the workouts, just maybe having an extra cheat day here and there 😉

The classes I look forward to trying next: rock climbing, surf board fitness, and a ballet burn! There is literally something for everyone on Studiohop, and hey, the perks aren’t bad either! The perks are a great way to learn about local businesses and try new products like food, juices, makeup/hair, tanning, and massages.

Since hitting my 400th class on June 10th, my goal is to hit 500 by mid December! Time to Hop to It! 🐰