When was the last time you talked to someone and they said they WEREN’T feeling stressed? Send them our way if so, please! We need to know alllll their secrets. Nowadays, it seems like almost everyone is running on empty and just trying to make it to the weekend so they can rest.

We realized that it’s about making small habits to relieve stress, rather than thinking we need to drastically change our lifestyle. That’s not realistic and we can’t all go Eat, Pray, Love and leave the country. If you focus on the little ways that help you to let stress out, it makes a big difference over time. Here are our 7 small habits that relieve stress:

Give Thanks

Whether it’s in a gratitude journal or just being mindful about thinking through a couple of simple things each day you’re thankful for, giving thanks each day will help you to not only slow down, but also appreciate the blessings you’ve been given.

Sweat it out

No matter how long it’s for, continue to fit in a workout despite your stress level. It’s important to keep up your workout routine no matter how stressed you are, or else you’ll start to feel sluggish. 


Sometimes writing out what you’re thinking and feeling helps you to discover something you didn’t even know existed. It calms you down and is good for processing.

Say no

Yes and no hold a lot of power over us. Start saying no when you want to say no; too often we feel pressured to say yes and it leads to an overbooked calendar and overwhelm.


Take ten minutes each day to tidy up your space. Put dishes away, toss your clothes in the dirty laundry, clean up your living room. If your space is less cluttered, your mind will feel that way too.

Read more

Reading is a GREAT way to escape for a bit and destress. Doesn’t matter if it’s a magazine or a book, but find something you like and lose yourself in it. Try to carve out time before you go to bed each night and read.

Take a nap

Sometimes all you need is to step away from it all and let yourself relax by taking a nap. Naps are shown to be effective when it’s for 20 minutes; you can fit that in!