Member Moment- Meet Paige (2)

1.Sprints on a local track.

If you’re an experienced runner, a beginner or just run for wine, then a quick trip to the track is the PERFECT way to get in a sweat session. Try out the below Interval Workout from next time you go!

Warm Up: 15 min. (jog around the track should do it.)

– 3 x 400m at 15 seconds faster than 5K pace with 2 min rest

– 1,000m at 10 seconds faster than 5K pace with 2 min rest

– 4 x 200m sprints with 1 min rest

Cool-down: 10 min (a brisk walk will help gradually bring your heart rate back down.)

Up the ante: After 2–3 weeks of mastering this workout, add distance depending on your goal race. If you’re preparing for a half marathon or marathon, add one to two 1,000m intervals at the same pace. For shorter distance training, add two to four 200m sprints at the end of the workout.

2.Take your pigeons to the park.

Yoga doesn’t just have to be in a beautiful studio, it can be in a beautiful park. Take your pigeon poses and #Namaste in the park. If you’re a Yogi master and can lead your own personal class, that’s amazing. However, if you’re like us and need a little more guidance, then check out some of the FREE classes held in Dallas and Austin.

3.Pedal Hoppin’

Hey, these are a workout, ok? Grab your friends, nail down a weekend and book your bike! There are several companies to choose from in Dallas and Austin!

Dallas: The Buzz Bike

DFW: Cowtown Cycle Party 

ATX: Pub Crawler of Austin 

ATX: Hipside Peddler

4.Take it to the water.

Paddle Board

Dry land can be SO overrated for workouts. Some of our favorite ‘workouts that don’t feel like workouts because they’re so much fun‘ are on water! Paddle boarding can be a great way to workout those arms and also build core strength.. hello balance! If you’re in Austin, check out SUP ATX for rentals or if you’re in Dallas, White Rock Paddle Co. is the place to go! Once those summer months hit and the temperatures rise, swimming, water skiing and wakeboarding are all great ways to get your heart rate up!

5.Rollerblade the sidewalks or trails (watch out for sticks though).

Who loved rollerblading as a kid? ME! ME! ME! I don’t know about you but rollerblading brings back a little feeling of nostalgia from childhood and makes me want to bust out my portable CD player and Now That’s What I Call Music 3 (because that’s the best one and you know it.) Side note: did you know they are on Now That’s What I call Music 57? Wow.

Anyways, there are a ton of great places to rollerblade around Dallas and Austin. Check out this list of the best inline skating trails!

6.Bring your pup out for some fun in the sun.

Whether your furry friend is a certified running buddy, likes short walks and lots of treats or enjoys chasing toys and tails, so many good endorphins will be released when you take your pup out to play! In Dallas you can walk the Katy Trail, do sprints at an indoor track or play at Mutts Cantina. If you reside in ATX, then the possibilities are endless.