Every now and then, we all have late nights where we have to stay up late in order to get our work done. But over time, what happens to our bodies when we don’t give it the amount of sleep it truly needs? 30 minutes one night? An hour or two here and there? It catches up with us and before we know it, it affects us.

Falling asleep at your work desk is one surefire way to know you’re not getting enough sleep. However, your body might be giving you other signs that you need more shut eye, but you just don’t know it.

Keep reading for four signs you’re not getting enough sleep:

You’re dependent on caffeine

Not able to make it through the day without at least one cup of caffeine? It’s probably safe to say you’re not only addicted to caffeine, but also very sleep deprived. There’s potential to become caffeine tolerant, in addition to the harmful effects of caffeine on our body.

You crave more unhealthy food

Your sleep-deprived brain wants the unhealthy food. It doesn’t want the salad. Someone who lacks sleep will find the sight of unhealthy food more rewarding, associate it with pleasure in our brain, which is why you are likely to order pizza late at night.

Your skin freaks out

You’re not making it up that you break out more when you’re tired. Not getting enough sleep leads to insulin resistance, which means your body can’t process sugar like it regularly can, leading to more breakouts. Yuck.

Your mood becomes unstable

Lack of sleep negatively affects your mood and you become more sensitive to the stress that everyday life throws your way. You might find yourself being more anxious, stressed, irritable, etc., and no one likes being any of those!


These sound familiar? Put your phone away (that’s right, we know what’s keeping you up) and get those ZZZs.