1. Buy yourself a pretty new journal like this and starting jotting your thoughts down throughout the day.
  2. Grab some bubbles and draw a nice, aromatherapeutic luxurious bath (glass of wine or tea optional)
  3. Get a massage, facial, foot massage or whatever spa treatment you want. One blissful hour (or more!) of “me” time.
  4. Take yourself shopping for some new athletic gear. Hey, you earned it! We’ve got our eyes on some of this.
  5. Stretch it out in a yoga class or on a foam roller at home.

    Girl using foam roller

  6. Take a long walk on a local trail, and don’t even peep at your phone. Just you and your thoughts. Get comfortable with it.
  7. Nap without an alarm. Let yourself rest.
  8. Write out your goals/intentions for the month in that new journal. Be specific and make them attainable.
  9. Meditate, pray, be still. Whatever you choose, we like to use Headspace app, attend a class at one of our meditation studios, or simply sit in silence. The point is to clear your mind and find peace even for 30 minutes.

    Girl sitting on a dock with sunset

  10. Ditch your phone for an hour: you’ll actually have time to think and reflect!
  11. Book a new-to-you workout class. Dance cardio? It’s time.
  12. Spend a few hours meal prepping for the week. Choose your fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and healthy fats.
  13. Cook a healthy meal for yourself, and follow a recipe from an actual cookbook.

    Bowl of pasta

  14. Invest time in a hobby: blogging, painting, biking, antiquing, playing the guitar—you name it! Try something new or pick up an old hobby of yours.
  15. Bake something. There’s nothing like filling your home with the scent of freshly baked banana bread or chocolate chip cookies.
  16. Pamper yourself with an at-home spa evening: turn on the diffuser, throw on a face mask, moisturize and kick back
  17. Get your nose in a book. We hear this one is a great fictional read.

    Hand flipping through a book

  18. Go see a movie—solo! Are you brave enough?
  19. Take yourself on a coffee date at a café you’ve never been to. Bring a book or your journal.
  20. Pour yourself a glass of wine or drink of choice and watch an educational documentary. We recommend this one.

    Bottle of wine and two empty glasses on a coffee table